Person of Interest     


Pastor Scott Smith

Join us this Wednesday at 7pm at 'The Table @ SCSU as Pastor Scott continutes his discussion of the "Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible" This is deep dive investigation into the person and life of Jesus. Why he was and is the most important person in human history. You won't want to miss this. For beleivers and skeptics alike.


Where? Join us each Wednesday at 7 PM in the Alumni Room at Atwood Memorial Center on the SCSU campus.


The Life of Christ:

A New Genesis 

Join us as Pastor Scott continutes on in this new series about the life of Jesus from the book of John. Knowing Jesus and following Him can make us new people. Here's how...

Cold Case Christianity

Pastor Scott and other experts take on the central truths of Christianity! We will use forensic examination techniques, seeing how historic Christianity holds up to scrutiny. You won't want to miss this!

The Story of Reality 

Join us as Pastor Scott leads a discussion of how philosophy and worldview shape our understanding of reality. Understand how God's great redemption of humanity provides real answers, personal sanity, wholeness, and meaning. Explore how Historic, Biblical, Christianity provides truE purpose for our lives in line with reality. 


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